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The newest, best kid on the power-pop block.
— All Media Review
A power pop tour de force.
— Absolute Powerpop
Every song is a polished gem of great pop dynamics.
— Mike Baron, Big Hollywood
Every single song is full of buoyant, exhilarating hooks and features multiple layers and expert song structure.
— Lazlo's Album Of The Week




The New Jersey born-and-raised Timmy Sean Mahoney began his career performing alongside his father and uncles in the longest running Beatles tribute show in the world, Long Live The Beatles...though not quite on the stage. Right next to it, you could find three-year old Timmy acting out each era of The Beatles' career, complete with different instruments and costume changes (a bathrobe substituting for a Sgt. Pepper's uniform).

After winning talent shows by drumming along with recordings of The Beatles as a kindergartner, it would only take a few more years before Timmy would begin drumming and playing guitar professionally at the age of thirteen in The Mahoney Brothers' other production, Jukebox Heroes Live. Learning and performing the music featured in the show, including note-for-note renditions of songs by The Beach Boys, The Everly Brothers, and Buddy Holly, gave Timmy not only stage experience at a young age, but also an early master class in the basics of great songwriting and arrangement. The process of deconstructing and reconstructing classic hits gave Timmy a strong foundation to be able to begin to construct his own original songs as a young teen. He completed his first full-length album (written, performed, produced, and mixed entirely by himself) before he was old enough to get behind the wheel of a car.

The combination of Timmy's early appreciation for timeless melodies, and the setting of growing up in the 1990s, led him to fall in love with both catchy alternative rock like Weezer and Ben Folds, but also with mainstream R&B and pop - none so more than Michael Jackson. Though influences from both worlds can be heard across much of Timmy's songwriting to this day, that divide from his childhood has come to broadly define his two musical outlets in the late 2010s: Sir Video and Timmy Sean & The Celebrities. While Sir Video is heavily influenced by modern electronic pop music with an 1980s synth-funk sensibility, his solo material (with his live band The Celebrities) is an amalgamation of 1950s and 1960s rock 'n roll, harmony-laden 1970s glam, and turn-of-the-millenium powerpop.

Following the dissolution of his high school-formed band LUZER, Timmy (now going simply as "Timmy Sean" to avoid confusion with several other established music artists named Tim Mahoney) recorded and released his first official solo album in 2010. Songs From And Inspired By Noisewater, with the loose concept of being a soundtrack to an imaginary film, would land itself on more than a dozen "Top Albums Of 2010" lists. Review highlights included calling Noisewater a "power pop tour de of the new decade's most impressive pop discs" (Absolute Powerpop), "a keyboard-based minor mode masterpiece" (Big Hollywood), and "If Noisewater were indeed a movie, and this album a true soundtrack, it should be nominated for best movie soundtrack. Genius...pure genius, through and through." (Bill Sullivan, BMF).

The success of Noisewater brought Timmy a recording and management contract, and along with that, a one-way ticket to Hollywood. Though things didn't go as planned with the management company, Timmy fell in love with life in Los Angeles. The home to a huge amount of his major influences, from The Beach Boys and Eagles to Phantom Planet and Weezer, Southern California had informed his music long before living there. But now he was presented with the chance to live out his lifelong dream as a true Angelino musician.

2013 found Timmy Sean in California without a band, but with the help of his longtime friend and fellow East Coast-transplant keyboardist/vocalist Frankie Pedano, who was already a staple in the LA music scene, that didn't last long. Timmy Sean & The Celebrities were quickly formed in the summer of 2013, releasing the East Coast Girls EP later that year. The EP was co-produced by Timmy Sean and multi-platinum producer/engineer Kenny Gioia (Hall & Oates, American Authors, Mandy Moore, Ingrid Michaelson).

Los Angeles also presented Timmy with a number of opportunities that can only happen in the entertainment capital of the world. A career highlight came in 2014 when Timmy was selected to perform on stage before his musical heroes, Weezer. Following Timmy's performance, Weezer surprised a completely unassuming Friday afternoon crowd on Venice Beach with a full concert. The event was featured in a series of Kia commercials in 2014 and 2015, including interviews and performances from Timmy.

In addition to shows with The Celebrities, Timmy Sean began freelancing as a drummer, bassist, and guitarist outside of his own music and The Mahoney Brothers for the first time in his life in 2014. Since then, Timmy Sean has shared the stage with a diverse list of musicians and entertainers including Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, Bret Michaels of Poison, SNL alum Will Forte, Blues Brother Jim Belushi, Academy Award Best Actress nominee Minnie Driver, and what Timmy calls his favorite credit: drumming for Mr. Belding from "Saved By The Bell," Dennis Haskins.

With a career as both a solo artist and a "hired gun" musician blossoming, Timmy decided to pull together a new band featuring some of the most accomplished young musicians he had befriended in Los Angeles. After spending several years putting aside material he deemed too electronic or "out of place" with The Celebrities and his solo material, he would use this new line-up - with a list credits including everyone from Kesha to Prince - to bring the Michael Jackson-influenced synthpop/funk project Sir Video to life.

Sir Video released a pair of EPs in 2014 and 2015 on Timmy's own newly formed label Noisewater Records. Light Years EP and Young As The Night EP both re-teamed co-producers Timmy Sean and Kenny Gioia from The Celebrities' East Coast Girls EP. The retro-futuristic inspired project finally made its live debut at a sold out show at Swing House Studios in Los Angeles, appropriately enough on the exact date that Back To The Future's Marty McFly time-traveled to from 1985: October 21, 2015.

Even with the release of three EPs and a number of singles in the span of just over two years, Timmy was still sitting on a large pile of uncompleted music of all different styles and genres in 2015. With a desire to both give himself deadlines to complete all of this music, and also to find a fresh and creative way to share this eclectic collection of songs (a collection that seemingly didn't lend itself to a cohesive album), Timmy teamed with online music retailer Bandcamp to use these tracks to help introduce their new Artist Subscription service. He committed to release 52 new recordings to fan subscribers, one song a week for an entire year. Though the project led to many late sessions and sleepless nights, he met his goal of not missing a single week's deadline, all the while still developing Sir Video and working steadily as a drummer, bassist, and guitarist. And despite his early reluctance to compile them in this form, an album version of this "Songs Of The Week" collection would later be released as Weeks, featuring tracks mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London in 2017.

Timmy spent the next two years splitting his time between his work as a highly in-demand multi-instrumentalist, and bringing Sir Video to stages around the country. Highlights with Sir Video include an east coast series of shows featured in a full episode of the Emmy Award winning PBS television show On Tour, performances at some of Los Angeles's most iconic venues including The El Rey Theater, The Viper Room, and at Lou Adler's world famous Sunset Blvd. theater The Roxy, where Timmy worked with Coachella founders Goldenvoice Productions to pair his heavily 80s-influenced band on a bill with new wave legends The Fixx. Sir Video rounded out 2017 making their commercial debut in a series of Alcatel Mobile phone ads, and signing Young As The Night to the renowned music sync and licensing company Hitcher (now a part of Pulse Music Group).

But even with all of that activity, it has now been several years since Sir Video released new music, or since Timmy has performed his solo music live with Timmy Sean & The Celebrities.

All that is about to change with brand new Sir Video and Timmy Sean singles out in 2018, starting with Timmy Sean's In California, and a one-night-only live performance by Timmy Sean & The Celebrities, sharing the bill with Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee and founding member of The Beach Boys - the voice of "Help Me Rhonda" himself - Mr. Al Jardine.

Opening up for a Beach Boy in a Los Angeles that Timmy Sean now calls home, really brings things full circle from that very first time Timmy played Help Me Rhonda with The Mahoney Brothers when he was barely a teenager all those years ago.




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